Soul and R&B Band for Company Events

Take your celebration to another level


If you’re coordinating a company event, you want a corporate band that will make you look good! Summerhill Soul Tribe knows how to help you throw an unforgettable party while keeping it classy. Our brand of infectious fun, non-stop energy, and great mix of soul and R&B music will keep guests entertained for mixers, holiday parties, milestone celebrations and more. The best corporate soul band will not only enhance the event with great music, but will also be easy to work with, blend in well with your event, and be a team player with your venue and event staff.

Live Soul and R&B Band for a Company Party or Mixer

If you need to hire a live band for a company party, you want to make sure that the band you choose enhances, and even transforms what may otherwise be a very ordinary and possibly boring event. Summerhill Soul Tribe is made up of a team of professionals with professional attitudes. We understand how to entertain, cut loose and have fun while preserving the image and culture that your company executives want to uphold. Summerhill Soul Tribe will play up to three 35 to 45-minute sets plus entertain your company staff and their guests with games and interactions, and also make or facilitate announcements if needed. We can start low key and crank things up as the evening progresses. Just let us know what you envision. Summerhill Soul Tribe will work with you to create an event that your staff will love. CONTACT US FOR A QUOTE.

Live Soul Music for a Company Holiday or Christmas Party

Planning a holiday or Christmas party for your business? Let us help you create an upscale, fun and unforgettable holiday party with live soul and R&B from Summerhill Soul Tribe. By having a live soul band at your company holiday party, you create the opportunity for a unique and highly customized party experience for your staff and their guests. We will also entertain guests with games and interactions, give away prizes, make announcements, and, during breaks, we will play a custom holiday playlist that you can help us create. Let’s create a holiday party that everyone will be talking about all year long. CONTACT US FOR A QUOTE.

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