Band vs Fans: Should We Play Songs We Hate?

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It happens sometimes. There are those songs that I or a band mate just can’t stand to play, either because we can’t do it justice, it’s been overplayed, it’s associated with bad memories, or it’s just plain corny. The problem is that audiences everywhere love it and may request it. So, if you’re in a band, what should you do when the audience is demands to hear a song that the band just can’t stand? Chances are that the dislike for the song will be evident in the performance UNLESS you change the song a little or, better yet, just give the audience a taste of the song. Playing 30 seconds of the song will probably be enough to keep everyone happy. Find a part of the song that you can not only deliver on, but play so well that you make people stop and look up. Maybe even make some jaws drop.


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